Top 5 Smartphones Below Rs 25000 in India

Besides the low end segment, people are also very much interested in smartphones below Rs 25000 price range. If you are one of those, then you have landed to the best article! Below is the list of best smartphones that you can currently buy in India if you have a budget of Rs. 25000. Have a look-

1. Xiaomi Mi 5

This is the latest flagship smartphone from Xiaomi, and was launched just a few days back in India. Xiaomi is proud that the Mi 5 is the first smartphone in India to come with the latest and the most powerful Snapdragon 820 processor. The company has launched the 32 GB variant of the device for a price of Rs. 24,999. It comes with a great set of specifications and has a lot to offer for the mid range price it is being sold at. smartphones below Rs 25000

2. OnePlus 2

OnePlus 2 is the last year’s flagship, and the company claimed it to be the “2016 Flagship Killer”. Though, we aren’t on the side of OnePlus for this remark, but t,he device is definitely a great buy, especially after the recent price cut. OnePlus 2 was launched in India last year for Rs. 24,999, but is now available for Rs. 22,999. With all the top end specifications and amazing features, the device is an all-rounder, and one of the most amazing smartphones below Rs 25000.smartphones below Rs 25000

3. Google Nexus 5X

The all new Google Nexus 5X seems to be the device that will turn the tables for the company in India. It was launched in India for a price tag of above Rs. 30,000 mark, but has received huge discounts on the online stores, and it now retails for somewhere around Rs. 23,000 for the 16 GB variant. The pricing for such a recent Nexus device is irresistible. If you are looking for smartphones below Rs 25000, then you should consider Nexus 5X before hopping on to the next one.smartphones below Rs 25000

4. Sony Xperia Z3+

It was launched about a year ago, and was the then flagship smartphone from the Sony’s stable. But, as of now, thanks to the ecommerce websites and their deep discounts, the prices have dropped to as low as Rs. 23,999 on Amazon India. It has a Snapdragon 810 processor, 3 gigs of RAM, amazing display, brilliant battery backup, and a Sony made camera unit, which churns out top notch image quality. What else you can ask for at this price? Just go and grab one!smartphones below Rs 25000

5. Huawei Honor 7

Another Chinese brand that has been consistently making great smartphones, and that too at considerably lower price point. The Huawei Honor 7 was launched in India a few months ago, but is still relevant in the market for its top notch specifications and a price of Rs. 22,999. The device has a beautiful metal design, and also houses a fingerprint scanner on the back. Huawei chose to include their in-house developed SoC, that is capable enough to compete with any of the high end chips in the market. For its price point, the Honor 7 is a perfect buy.smartphones below Rs 25000

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If you have a mid-range budget, or you are specifically searching for smartphones below Rs 25000, then you must give the above mentioned smartphones a shot, for their high end specifications, and pricing that won’t dig a hole in your pocket.

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