Freedom 251 Delivery to Start Soon: Report

Freedom 251 is probably one of those smartphones that the country will remember always. While its entry into the market was very exciting, its exit seemed even more disappointing. If you have been following the recent developments over the company’s situation, then you must be knowing what all has happened with the company since the announcement of their device. Nevertheless, a new report suggests that Freedom 251 delivery will start really soon.

Following the footsteps of Freedom, another Indian brand Docoss announced a cheap smartphone this week. Its specifications are comparable to that of the Freedom 251. As per a report published on Techradar India, the company will start shipping Freedom 251 to the customers who managed to successfully book their device, from next month (May 2016). The report adds that the first batch of the smartphones is ready to be shipped and the customers will receive their devices really soon. Freedom 251 Delivery

Freedom shook the market by announcing a smartphone for an unbelievable price of Rs. 251, and the device didn’t even compromise on the features for coming down to this price. The smartphone went viral among the Indians, and even the international media took notice of it. But, with great popularity, came even greater controversies. The concerned ministries got involved in the matter and even an FIR was lodged against the company and its promoters.

The company even used an Adcom smartphone as a demo device by painting the Adcom logo in white for hiding it. This further gathered controversies. For avoiding further problems, the seems to be a bit defensive, and has promised to start the Freedom 251 delivery from next month.

If you still want to purchase the device, then sorry, you can’t. The official website has been displaying about the closed bookings since the first stopped taking bookings back then. We hope that the people who had paid for the phone get the device as soon as possible. And the ones who are trying to buy the Freedom 251 should wait a bit more to get a clear idea about the delivery status.

Source: Techradar India

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