Freedom 251 Deliveries to Start from June 28

Freedom 251 is undoubtedly one of the most controversial smartphones that have ever launched in India. The people had been confused about the status of the phone. The company claimed several times about them being a genuine company but several factors refuted the claim. But now, Ringing Bells has confirmed that the Freedom 251 deliveries will start from June 28.

The people who had registered for the device during the launch period will be entitled to receive the product in the first batch. The customers will have the options to accept the product while paying using the Cash on Delivery payment option. The payment option was added to create another layer of trust among the customers while the company was surrounded with controversies.

While the Freedom 251 deliveries will be done soon, but many people are confused if the device will be a genuine one or not. The registrations for the device were open in February earlier this year and it created a lot of buzz among the customers. Their website even crashed during the two-day sale of the smartphone.

Freedom 251 Deliveries

After the government intervened into the matter, Ringing Bells refunded all the money the users had paid upfront for the device. It was said that it is impossible for any company to offer a smartphone with so many features for a price of just Rs. 251. Even the excise and income tax department looked into the matter to determine how the company managed to offer a smartphone at such a low price.

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The founder of the company claims that the Freedom 251 devices will be made in India itself and they have set up two new factories, one in Noida and another one in Uttaranchal. He said that they have been setup for a cost of Rs. 250 crores and can produce 5 lakh smartphones. We are looking forward to the Freedom 251 deliveries.

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